Our precious bundle 3 scan has been created to give you a fantastic 3D / 4D experience. This scan includes everything that precious bundle 1 & 2 has and also gives you more of each option. The appointment is also longer to give you more time to enjoy your precious moment. What’s included:

3D / 4D Scan
Find out gender
Reassurance Check
10 photos
approx 15 min video on USB Stick & DVD*
Copy of every image emailed to you
Verbal pregnancy report
Hear your babys heartbeat
2 Keyrings
1 Baby Scan Photo Panel
25 minute scan
45 minute appointment*


*Appointment times shown are only used as a guide, this is not the amount of time you are scanned.  The full time is only used if images can not be obtained due to baby position (more time allows us more chance to get baby in a good position for images).